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  Add:Guixi Industrial Park, Jiangjia Town, Chunan County, Zhejiang Province, China
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Welcome to our website. We are looking forward to make friends with you through internet and learn about our company. I would like to ondehalf of all the employees of Hangzhou Xingyu Carbon S&T Co., Ltd. to thank all the friends and welcome to our company.
How time flies! It has been more than 20 years since the foundation of the enterprise. The enterprise has grown from a small company into a famous active carbon enterprise and the sales income of the enterprise can be more than 30 million yuan. It created the Hengxing Brand active carbon which is welcomed both at home and from abroad.
In the future development, it will keep to the enterprise spirit “practical, innovation, challenge and surpass” and it will try its best to elevate the competitive power and stick to the enterprise principle “Quality first, top the customers, keep improving and to be innovative”. The enterprise would like to provide all function service and takes “Take responsibility of the society to create benefit to the customers” as the task to change the enterprise from “economy type” to “S&T type”. It will pursuit with professional spirit and practically style with the help of team work spirit to become the lead enterprise in active carbon field in China.
21st century is the time of economy, and human resources, capital, technology, market and management philosophy are the root of the enterprise. People-oriented, take capital as the tie, technology as the basic, market and the leader to create great environment inner side and to provide the employee great development room, creativity and talents to keep the enterprise active. Evoke memories of the past while living in the present, and look to the future, we have a lot of things to do. Facing to the fierce market competition, it is full of hope and difficulties, challenges and chances. We are deeply confirmed that the enterprise will hold the chance to overcome the difficulties and fasten the step to develop to make more achievement based on the innovation system, the capital storage and the quickly developed technology and leading with a brave leader team.
Customers are the beginning and the root of the realizing of the value of the enterprise. It is our ever lasting pursuit to considerate to the customers and meets the need of the customers and cultivates the potential demand. To maximum the value of the customers is our motivation of success. We will keep improving and try our best to upgrade the production level to reach to the international level with new high technology. We are trying to get development from high quality and multitudinous production and try to be the first class supplier of active carbon.
The development of the enterprise contributes to all grades of governments’ help and encouragement and the consideration and support from all the friends from all walks as well as the concern and care of all the customers both new and old. Here, we would like to express our thankfulness to you all!

Hangzhou Xingyu Carbon S&T Co., Ltd.
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