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  Add:Guixi Industrial Park, Jiangjia Town, Chunan County, Zhejiang Province, China

Wishes:to create core competitive and innovative active carbon enterprise to lead the development in the field.
Mission:try to take responsibility of the society and create value for the employees as well as chance and benefit for the enterprise.
Spirit:practical, creative, challengable, surpassing

Core Values:Honest, reliable, professional and diligent

Goal:within 5-10years, it will build the enterprise to a group of public company leading the active carbon field, with obvious advantage and perfect management and ever lasting development. Strategy:stick to diversified development strategy and centred with active carbon, hold the chance and develop the enterprise deeply.
Slogan:Persevere, flourish, active, to be stronger..
Management:Complete the daily things and to be improved everyday.
lead with culture, system specification, decision scientific and carried out powerfully
Production:Keep improving and save energy
Sales:Close to the customer and market to create value for them

Market:Changing everyday and to guarantee the management with capital to lower the risk
Financial:To serve management with data, to guarantee management with capital and to lower the risk with controlling
Quality:The difference between products lies in details
Quality: Quality is the root of the enterprise and the soul of the brand
R&D:To be renewing and precision.

Hangzhou Xingyu Carbon S&T Co., Ltd.
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